Adidas Yeezy Fans Go Crazy After All Past Models Appear on Kanye West’s Site

There were more than a few Adidas Yeezy sneaker fans that had a mini heart attack yesterday after word got out that every model and colorway that’s been released so far suddenly appeared on Kanye West’s Yeezy Supply website.

From the first Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 released in 2015 to this summer’s latest drops, every shoe cryptically appeared on Yeezysupply.com, with an option to enter your email address beside each one. Resellers and sneakerheads hoping to score a pair they missed out on scrambled to sign up, thinking that a major restock was about to go down.

But alas, there was to be no restock; the posted lineup is only meant to be an archive of the line. That’s great if you’re interested in Yeezy sneaker history, not so great if you were hoping for another chance at one of the coveted models. As for the option to enter an your e-mail address, it’s just to sign up for the Yeezy Supply newsletter.

After word got out about the archive and people began to get excited, it didn’t take long for their disappointment to become evident. Yeezy news account The Yeezy Mafia took to its social channels to make sure everybody knew the listings were merely an archive.

If you’re interested in browsing the archive, you can find it here. And for some actual news on a Yeezy restock, the “Wave Runner” is set to return next month.

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