Adidas Releasing Their Own Yeezy Lookalike Sneaker In June

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy Powerphase sneaker, the Three Stripes will soon be giving you the next best option. The brand is releasing their own Yeezy lookalike sneaker this summer, featuring a similar look to the low-tech retro tennis sneaker in West’s coveted line.

The Powerphase was an all but forgotten model until the hip-hop and fashion superstar resurrected the 1980s model from the Adidas archives, giving it a whole new life within his ultra-hyped sneaker family. Proving that all the brand has to do is put the “Yeezy” name on a shoe for it to be desired, the once unassuming design has been in high demand and sold out in every colorway released so far.

Adidas Rascal White
Adidas Rascal “White”
CREDIT: Adidas

Seemingly looking to piggyback on some of the success of the Powerphase, Adidas Originals is now bringing a similar model back from the dead this summer. Dubbed the Continental when it first released in the ’80s, the shoe has been renamed Rascal for its 2018 comeback, and has instantly received comparisons to West’s sneaker for obvious reasons. It features a simple leather upper with a foam midsole and rubber outsole, and the same style of branding near the laces. Actually giving it a bit more pizazz than the Yeezy sneaker, the Rascal includes a two-tone stripe on each side.

Expected to be much easier to acquire than the Yeezy Powerphase, the Adidas Rascal will be see a less limited, general release. No exact date is available yet, but the cream, white, and black colorways you see here are all scheduled to release in June.

Adidas Rascal Black
Adidas Rascal “Black”
CREDIT: Adidas

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