Adidas Originals Unveils its Bold New Deerupt Style — and Here’s How to Get a Pair

Adidas dipped into its heritage to borrow from a grid design it embraced in running decades ago and will use it to deliver a fresh take on the concept in 2018.

Arriving this month is the Deerupt, which the brand said is inspired by things such as urban planning, architecture and nature. The fresh style holds the grid concept as its central design principle.

Initially featured in Adidas running silhouettes in the ’80s, Deerupt — which Adidas has given the tagline “disruptively simple” — takes the grid design and stretches it across the entire shoe, exaggerating proportions and using vibrant colors to turn the grid into a modern Adidas motif. According to Adidas, the the Deerupt was “designed with a strong visual identity” and that “simple authenticity provides maximum impact.”

Adidas Deerupt
Adidas Deerupt
CREDIT: Adidas

Using textures, layers and perspectives, the collapsible, runner-inspired design features a lightweight construction with a knit upper and stretchable netting. Inside, zoned foam pockets molded along the shoe’s interior lining aim to create supportive compression.

Adidas has teased the model on social media recently by showing how a trio of old running styles from 1979, 1981 and 1985 all take on a similar grid form. The 2018 version accentuates the grid and works to celebrate the style.

The Deerupt launches worldwide via Adidas.com on March 22 for $100 in the “Solar Bird” colorway, which features bold red and blue hues covered by a white stretchable netting that allows for the brightness to show.

Other colors set to hit Adidas.com include an all-white offering, one with gray, white and teal hues, and a black and white look with hits of teal.

Adidas Deerupt
Adidas Deerupt
CREDIT: Adidas

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