Asos Misspelled 17,000 Bags With a Major Typo — and Shut Down Twitter Trolls in the Best Way

Someone’s gaffe is another person’s treasure. After fast-fashion e-tailer Asos sent out 17,000 bags with its slogan misspelled, it turned the embarrassing mistake around in its favor before Twitter trolls could get the last laugh.

“Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. We’re calling it a limited edition,” Asos tweeted on Wednesday. The British company mailed customers plastic bags emblazoned with “Discover fashion onilne,” incorrectly spelling “online.”

Of course, Twitter responded en masse — and Asos had cheeky zingers that turned the blooper into a customer-engaging laugh riot.

“I would love a sh**e shirt. Just to make it easy on the days where I hate everything I own,” a Twitter user joked.

Responding to the tweet, Asos wrote: “We can’t quite stretch to that one, but how about this shirt? –https://bit.ly/2GOwTKY. Have a great day,” attaching an image and link to its T-shirt printed with the French expletive “m**de.”

“Seventeen thousand out of forty million? That really is limited edition!” another netizen remarked.

For some, the issue of waste and sustainability was a concern.

“Is the packaging recyclable out of curiosity? If it isn’t it’s probably well worth a large company like yourselves looking into it,” tweeted another user.

Asos responded that it sources more than “40 million plastic bags and 5 million cardboard mailing boxes a year, all of which are recyclable.”

For those who questioned if the gaffe is a publicity stunt, the retailer teased with an ambiguous answer. “Anyone would of thought we’d do this sort of thing on purpose 👀.”

Well played, Asos. Well played.


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