Sasha Lane Talks Uggs, Hating Painful Pumps & Being Over the Yeezy Hype

Stiletto heels be damned, Sasha Lane can’t be bothered with painful pumps.

So it’s no wonder why California-based lifestyle brand Ugg tapped the actress for its fall ’18 campaign, which also features a group of creatives with Cali roots modeling fluffy slides in powder pink, block heels, fashion sneakers and more on-trend styles.

sasha lane, ugg, fall 2018
Sasha Lane wears Ugg’s Fluff Yeah slides.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

“I think the people chosen for this were very unique in their energies and their characters and what they all are doing,” the 22-year-old told FN. “You have Gianni [Lee] who’s a painter, you have musicians, you have the surfboarders and like all of that. So everyone came as themselves with their own energy and I think that was kinda the coolest part.”

Lane, along with Tommy Dorfman, Jake Miller and style tastemakers, celebrated Ugg’s campaign launch party in Venice Beach, Calif., where the “American Honey” star sat pretty in pink — the color of her sheepskin Fluff Yeah slides — and shared her thoughts on thrifty fashion and individuality.

UGG Dely Rey Fluff Heel in Lantana
UGG Dely Rey Fluff heels.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

FN: Favorite style from the new collection?

Sasha Lane: “I think I’m gonna go with these pink fuzzy Del Reys because the fact that I really don’t like heels and they’re pink and they’re fluffy and they’re actually comfortable — they feel really nice and snug.”

What does Ugg and the California lifestyle represent to you?

SL: “There’s really a lot of creativity in California but also the pace is very chill. You can see the clear difference between here and New York. And I think especially with the new collection — like I said with the Del Rey heels — I can still dress up and go to these parties but I’m chill and I’m happy.”

What was your first time in heels like?

SL: “My first time, legit, wearing heels was Cannes (2016) for ‘American Honey,’ and clearly there’s a ton of vivid photos of me barefoot, so that’s how that went.”

Sasha Lane at Cannes Film Festival 2016
Sasha Lane at Cannes Film Festival 2016.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Did they warn you about the heels-only rules?

SL: “I mean, of course they warned me… my stylist was like ‘Sasha, dear god…’ and I didn’t care. The carpet was for our film and I was dressed in a very elegant gown and there’s a ton of stairs, and I’m walking around all day… so I will go barefoot. Why is anyone against that? I’m still here and well-dressed.”

How has you fashion changed since being in the spotlight and how do you maintain your unique style?

SL: “I still am who I am and I’m not gonna to go wear a full-on suit by this brand if I don’t really care for it. I love to mix and match, so I take stuff from my own closet, things that I picked up at a thrift store, and I’ll pair it with really expensive shoes (from a stylist). I have diamonds on my shoes but my bag is from Goodwill and my shirt is taken from some little kid’s closet and it’s a nice pulled together look.”

Do you shop in L.A.?

SL: “I don’t’ shop at all because if I were to shop, I would go to a thrift store, but L.A. thrift stores — you try to buy a white T-shirt and it’s like 100 bucks — I’m like, what is that? That’s not thrifty, so I refuse to shop.

What shoe trend you wish would go away?

SL: “Some of these Yeezy shoes out here look f****ing ridiculous and are overpriced, and the fact that I know kids are gonna skip school to go make some money so they can go buy these goddamn shoes that look like you could get them for way cheaper… and I’m like no, they’re not even cute.”

UGG Fluff Yeah Slide in Seashell Pink
UGG Fluff Yeah slides.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg
Sasha Lane wears Ugg's Fluff Yeah slides
Sasha Lane wears Ugg’s Fluff Yeah slides.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

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