While Partying with Ferragamo, Celebs Reveal Style Tips From Mom

At the AMO Ferragamo fragrance launch event on Tuesday night there was a hint of freshness in the air. All signs pointed to it being the brand’s new AMO perfume, which was peppered around Elizabeth Taylor’s former townhouse for guests to take a whiff of at every turn. The not-so-obvious signs, however, indicated that it was the bright aura surrounding the wave of emerging talents in the room.

virginia gardner, paul andrew, amo ferragamo launch party, NYFW
Virginia Gardner and Paul Andrew.
CREDIT: Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

Alongside Paul Andrew, Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo and Suki Waterhouse, the face of AMO Ferragamo, celebrity guests included up-and-coming stars and fashion industry mainstays alike.

Virginia Gardner, of Marvel’s “Runaways,” a Hulu original, wore gold Ferragamo sandals with a python skirt and camisole. When speaking to the actress, it’s clear that she’s had a calling for heels since long before last night.

georgia fowler, amo ferragamo launch party, NYFW
Georgia Fowler in Ferragamo heels.
CREDIT: Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

“I have this picture of me when I was like six years old, and I’m wearing a diaper in it and I have my mom’s high heels on but I’m falling out of them. From an early age, I loved to put my heels on and get dressed up, even if I was in a diaper.”

Willa Fitzgerald, on the other hand, recalls a slightly more athletic pair of shoes as the apple of her eye when she was a child.

amo ferragamo launch party, NYFW
Amy Forsyth, left, and Willa Fitzgerald.
CREDIT: Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

“I had these tap shoes that I found at the Goodwill when I was a kid and I would always insist on tap dancing in our kitchen in them. I scuffed up our tiles so bad but it was my favorite activity as a child,” said the “Little Woman” actress.

While guests recapped their fondest shoe memories, it became a time of reflection on their parent’s style influence in their lives. Condola Rashad — daughter to legendary actress Phylicia Rashad — noted the advice she gained, which resonates for anyone.

Alexandra Daddario, Condola Rashad, amo ferragamo launch party, NYFW
Alexandra Daddario, left, and Condola Rashad.
CREDIT: Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

“Find what makes you feel the most like yourself. When you’re wearing it — doesn’t matter how pretty it is — if you don’t feel like yourself, take it off,” said Rashad.

Read below to see what other familial insight celebrity guests at the party have gleaned from their parents over the years.

Kelsey Asbille

“It’s so funny because my mom is a huge Mick Jagger fan. We have a picture of him in every room in the house and I think actually his style is incredible. So, maybe more than move like Mick Jagger, dress like Mick Jagger.”

Virginia Gardner

“She always told me to keep it classy and keep it simple. Never go over the top. She’s very timeless so I love wearing things that feel timeless.”

aly and aj michalka, amo ferragamo launch party, NYFW
Sisters Aly, right, & AJ Michalka performed at the AMO Ferragamo party.
CREDIT: Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

AJ & Aly Michalka

AJ: “Always keep things that are sentimental that you know you will pass down to your kids.”

Aly: “Yea, ’cause you’ll bring them back later on years after.”

AJ: “Whether it’s beautiful jewelry or a great pair of shoes or a good denim vest, Bring something through to your next generation.”

Aly: “And it’s good to purge your closet regularly but don’t purge those pieces that you might regret owning later on.”

Erica Pelosini

“They used to call her a hippie because my mom, she’s from the ’70s and always wanted to [be] boho. So, what I got from her is being able to put a dress on and feeling great without thinking too much. I’m always happy to wear a couture piece mixed with a white T-shirt. This is what my mom taught me and what I think I loved best.”

Alexandra Richards, Suki Waterhouse, amo ferragamo launch party, NYFW
Alexandra Richards, left, and Suki Waterhouse.
CREDIT: Samantha Nandez/BFA.com

Condola Rashad

“Wear something that makes you feel like yourself because that’s where you shine and that’s where you feel comfortable. Sometimes, for a lot of people, clothes actually serve as a kind of armor.”

Suki Waterhouse

“My mom’s so cute. She just goes around wearing [shoes] kind of like Keds. She’s always in pedal pushers and a nice fitted T-shirt. She’s got that lovely wholesome mom thing down. It’s adorable.”

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