‘Chic With a Hint of Sexy’: Netflix Star Sierra Capri Talks ‘On My Block’ Breakout Role and Style Off-Camera

There’s a new kid on the block, and she goes by the name of Sierra Capri. Or, for those tuning in to the coming-of-age Netflix original “On My block,” which released today, they’ll recognize her as sassy tomboy Monse Finnie on the show.

“I like to describe her as tough at first glance, but she’s able to break out of her shell and open up in ways she didn’t think she could. She’s very headstrong, never one to stick to the status quo,” explained Capri of her character when speaking to FN about her first major role.

The Atlanta-bred Capri jump-started her career in 2016 as an extra in the Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures,” a serendipitous big break for the young actress who was a biology major in college at the time. On set, she met a woman who mentored her on submitting her own audition tapes, eventually leading her to apply for the role of “Monse.” She was instantly contacted by casting directors, swiftly securing the starring role.

netflix, On My Block, sierra capri
Sierra Capri plays Monse Finnie in “On My Block.”
CREDIT: John O Flexor/Netflix

“I promised my mom I would wait until after I graduated to pursue [acting], but it’s safe to say I am glad that I didn’t. I was in my last year [of college] when I got this role, so I definitely want to finish,” said Capri.

“Who knows? Maybe I can do both, and I would love to get back into it,” she added. For now, her ultimate focus is fostering her entertainment dreams. Based on initial red carpet appearances, Capri is matriculating into the industry like a natural. At a Netflix cocktail party at New York’s Essex House in January, she schmoozed with the likes of Drew Barrymore. While at the “On My Block” premiere this Wednesday, she presented the world with a taste of her mod style — an acutely accurate self-described aesthetic of “chic with a hint of sexy.”

The white plunging dress was a subtle take on Hollywood glamour, while her black JF London pumps and a Tadashi Shoji box clutch were prim and polished touches. It seems far removed from the jeans and sneakers uniform that Capri frequented in high school and that her character Monse typically wears. Yet, as the 20-something continues to curate her style, there’s still room in her wardrobe for casualwear.

The footwear she would want to get her hands on right now if she could? “I actually might try a pair of the Currys just because I hear that they are very comfortable,” she said.

drew barrymore, sierra capri, on my block, netflix cocktail party
Sierra Capri and Drew Barrymore at a Netflix event in January 2018.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Below, see what else Capri had to say about her breakout role, her style and advice for students navigating the hairy world of high school.

What is Monse’s wardrobe like on the show versus how you dressed in high school?

“She’s very carefree in a sense. She just wants to be comfortable. I would describe her as retro and urban. She loves color and patterns, but comfortability is the biggest thing. I dressed more so like Monse in high school than I do today. I was a cheerleader when I had to be,  but when I didn’t have to be, I was in jeans and kicks most of the time. I loved sneakers back then.”

What were your go-to sneakers at that time?

“Nikes. I was really into the sportswear movement where everyday it looked like you stepped out of a catalog, so I would just dress head-to-toe Nike gear.”

What are some of your favorite places to shop now?

“I love Banana Republic. I love Zara. I love Aldo shoes. I don’t wear jeans as much as I used to, but if I do, I love Lucky Brand.”

What kind of shoes, like Uggs for example, do you like to lounge in while watching Netflix shows?

“I actually don’t own a pair of Uggs. I wish I did. Right now, I just wear slippers everywhere, but they aren’t a specific type.”

sierra capri, netflix, on my block
Sierra Capri wears JF London shoes at the “On My Block” premiere.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Which of your cast members have the best style?

“I think they each have their individual, unique styles, so I can’t really compare them all. Brett is the more fun dresser. Diego, he’s the more serious one. They all have something different. Onscreen, Ruby has the best style.”

Are there any items you coveted from your on-set wardrobe?

“The [outfit from the] last episode, but you’re going to have to watch it to see what I’m talking about.”

Fashion can make it tough for kids to feel confident in high school, especially due to peer pressure and the feeling of needing to keep up with name brands. What advice would you give to students?

“Just be yourself, be confident, and it will show on the outside. I don’t know how much it necessarily matters about what you wear as much as your personality, but if you’re confident, it will show. If you’re secure in yourself and in your own personal style, everything will fall into place.”

How do you feel about the show airing?

“I feel blessed. It’s kind of been a whirlwind since we started, but I’m excited for the show to come out, and I’m excited to see people’s responses.”

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