How Aurora James Has Overcome Challenges as a Small-Business Owner

Aurora James, who starred on FN’s June 2018 Women in Power cover with actress and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker, talks on-set how she’s managed to overcome challenges as the founder and creative director of the socially conscious brand Brother Vellies. “Just when you think you’ve surpassed one giant hurdle, there’s another one in front of you,” she says in the above clip.

However, James credits being present and contextualizing situations as key in pressing forward. And adding to that, doing business with craftsmen and women across the world has shaped her approach. “I think that working with artisans across Africa has been really grounding for me because it does make me understand the scale of the issues that I’m having,” she says.

James also notes that she’s had key peers and mentors that have supported her and her efforts. “When you’re working every day to support people and uplift people, other people are more likely to join in and support you in doing that,” she says.

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