How This Danish Footwear Brand Turned Mother Nature Into a Shoe Collection

Spring footwear may just be hitting store shelves, but Danish fashion-comfort brand Ecco is already thinking fall ’18.

This season, Ecco VP and global creative director Liam Maher channeled the Danish countryside for color and texture inspiration. “As a non-Dane myself, it’s a humbling experience to see the landscape of the country through the eyes of Ecco’s team,” said Maher, who works closely with the company’s in-house designers.

Liam Maher
Liam Maher, Ecco’s global creative director.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

The brand has called upon Mother Nature for color and material  guidance. “We went outside our back door along Denmark’s stunning southwestern coast,” said Maher, referring to the company headquarters in Bredebro. Color was sourced from earthy materials such as amber and flint in ember tones such as fire red and deep spicy cognac, while local woods and pastures provided a palette of loamy browns, dark bark, pale sage and Nordic fir.

Ecco leather tannery
An artisan at work inside an Ecco leather tannery.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Nature also met technology for the collection, as softly undulating wave surface treatments appear on midsoles and in upper details. “These echo the water’s rhythmic movement along the coast and also provide a way to soften and modernize technical components,” said Maher.

As a leather developer, Ecco combined smooth finishes with brushed, reversed and waxed textures within a single design, reflecting the textural combos found in the outdoors such as moss and stone, sand and bracken, and shore against sky.

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