Designer Calleen Cordero Lowers Her Price Point With New Shoe Line

Calleen Cordero’s made-in-America company has added a new member to the family. In addition to her women’s and men’s shoe lines, handbags and accessories, the designer, who works out of her own factory in North Hollywood, Calif., recently introduced another collection to her docket: Cor by Calleen Cordero.

Calleen Cordero Sandals
Cor by Calleen Cordero Sandals
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The line, which soft-launched last year, is focused on more minimalistic, clean designs, including leather and suede sandals, which will be offered at a lower price point compared with her signature offerings.

With Cor, she explained, she’s able to broaden her consumer base. “It has increased our business — we have new customers,” said Cordero. “We were pigeonholed in our production with our accounts. Now this frees us up to go after new businesses.”

She’s also continuing her collaboration with Donna Karan that launched last summer, making exclusive styles for Karan’s Urban Zen stores.

Calleen Cordero, urban zen, donna karan, sandals
Calleen Cordero for Urban Zen.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Calleen Cordero

As far as finding ideas for all these collections, Cordero said it’s endless. “Inspiration comes from all over. I could see a print on an afghan or a necklace of diamonds and work from there,” she said.

Here, Cordero opens up on some local favorites and next endeavors.

Where I shop: “I’m [always around] amazing designers, so we trade. Elaine Kim is a favorite. I also trade for art.”

Best places to eat: “I really like Cecconi’s [in West Hollywood]. It’s always good. Another of my favorites is Jinya Ramen Bar for its spicy vegan soup. And my husband is a chef, so we cook at home a lot.”

When I’m not designing: “I take a lot of time to go to Mexico. We are building a home near Sayulita.”

How I stay in shape: “Yoga and Pilates.”

My next endeavor: “I want to write a book about mind, body and spirit. I’m a total junkie for health.”

The show I’m binge-watching: “‘Black Mirror.’ It’s a little disturbing, but it’s good.”

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