3 Top Shopping Apps You Need to Be Using Right Now

Online shopping has become the cornerstone of lazy-day hacks. With the click of a button, customers can get access to almost anything they want and have items delivered straight to their doors.

To make life even easier, FN has assembled three favorite shopping apps of the moment — along with their top features and benefits.

For the Full-Time Shopper: ShopStyle

shopstyle, app, shopping apps
The inside of the ShopStyle app.
CREDIT: Courtesy of ShopStyle

ShopStyle is a one-stop shop on everything from jewelry and heels to a new fur coat, offering both full-priced and discounted items. Find beloved designers here for half off and more, with brands ranging from the affordable (like French Connection and H&M) to luxury labels (think Versace and Saint Laurent).

Select your desired designer, favorite your leading items and shop full looks worn by your top influencers. And if the items you want sell out, the app is kind enough to send you notifications of restocks and new sales.

App Store rating: 4.8/5

For the Sneaker Freak: GOAT

Goat app, sneakers, shopping apps
The inside of the GOAT app.
CREDIT: Courtesy of GOAT

GOAT is a sneaker lover’s dream. The app allows you to buy and sell new or used sneakers with the security of getting exactly what you’re buying: Shoes must be sent through the app’s specialists, who vet the sneaker’s legitimacy before shipping to the buyer, so there’s no more opening a box to find knockoffs or beat-up shoes.

With curated collections as well as flat and on-feet images, you can purchase your newest kicks with a touch of the screen. Grab classic Nikes — or if you’re feeling fancy, a pair of Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers.

App Store rating: 3.7/5

For the Pinterest Queen: Keep

Keep, shopping apps, keep shopping
The inside of the Keep app.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Keep

Keep is essentially the lovechild of Pinterest and Amazon. Set up in an efficient grid, simply click on any outfit or item you like to buy on the spot — or if you’re having buyer’s remorse, you can “keep” the item and continue shopping.

Through an addictive and easy-to-use layout, this app will have you falling into a rabbit hole of endless brands. It has choices for birthdays, weddings, shoes and, of course, splurges. Our favorite part? The dating-app-style feature of “Keep It. Toss It.” — where one swipes left or right on daily selections from the app. Enter the Tinder of online shopping.

App Store Rating: 4.8/5

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