Nak (No Animal Killed) Is Taking Cruelty-Free Shoemaking to the Next Level

While fashion brands are facing the fur-free debate, questioning their policies and companies such as Gucci, Versace and Michael Kors, among others, have pledged to go fur-free, emerging London-based footwear brand Nak has taken the vegan leather and cruelty-free approach a step further.

The company, whose name is the acronym for “No animal killed,” has introduced its latest range of vegan shoes for men and women, employing faux leather on new styles, which targets fashion-savvy consumers.

“We made it our mission to find an alternative to leather and what we found were materials that we believe are of superior quality,” explained Sarah Palestrini, general manager at Nak Fashion, highlighting that the brand has been looking for high-performance features including breathability, waterproofing and lightness.

The brand, which produces its shoes in Italy, was launched in 2014 in response to customers’ demand for ethical solutions, and it has gained PETA’s approval. Livia Firth’s brand consultancy Eco-Age is also a supporter of the label.

“We are a vegan fashion brand, but we want our appeal to extend to anyone looking for ethical fashion accessories to match their lifestyle,” Palestrini said, citing a Vegan Society’s survey released last November, which stated the number of vegans in the U.K. had risen 350 percent over the past ten years, particularly among young people aged 15 to 34.

Nak's faux leather boots
Nak’s faux leather boots.
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The new “Fashionist” collection includes stylish stiletto pumps, open-toe and crisscross sandal heels in classic colors such as black, nude and silver along with a range of more casual styles including sneakers and boots. Each style mimics with great effect different textures including those of suede and patent leather.

The brand also developed a range of men’s shoes, which include brogues, derby shoes and desert boots, among others.

Priced at between 200 pounds for sneakers and 360 pounds for knee-high boots, the entire Nak collection is available exclusively at nakfashion.com.

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