Rapper K Camp’s Dream Shoe Collab? ‘Kanye… He’s Going to be the Next Louis Vuitton’

On the heels of his new single, “Racks Like This,” K Camp talked to FN about his newfound appreciation for fashion and performing in style. As a former Reebok campaign star, the rapper knows his way around a cool pair of shoes but he explained why he remains level-headed when it comes to any of his purchases.

k camp, fashion, style
K Camp
CREDIT: Courtesy of 427 Music/RARE Sound

Read what all he had to say below.

Total pairs:

“I had 200 to 300, but I recently gave a lot to Goodwill. I’m down to 75 to 100 now.”

Shoes in heavy rotation:

“Yeezys, Balenciaga [Race Runners], Adidas Boosts. I’m waiting on my Nike Air VaporMaxes that I just bought today.”

Most expensive:

“My Louis Vuitton shoes were like $1,400. I don’t like to go too high. I’m not going to keep buying $1,500 shoes every day.”

Least expensive:

“My Vans.”

Shoes I coveted as a kid:

“The Jordan ‘Breds.’ I had a couple of fake ones back in the day because I wanted them so bad. The ‘Breds’ were the magic shoe.”

My personal style:

“I’m not too big on designer clothes. I wear them, but I’m not ‘designered out’ like a lot of rappers who buy the most expensive [brands]. I have a model built frame, so I can pull from anywhere and make it look good.”

k camp, fashion, style
K Camp wearing duck boots.
CREDIT: Courtesy of 427 Music/RARE Sound

Typical studio look:

“I’ll probably throw on Adidas sweats, Balenciaga shoes, something Burberry and have chains and a [Rolex] on.”

Onstage sneakers:

“I like to wear my Air Force 1s when I perform. They’re probably the most comfortable. Everything else hurts my toes. I can’t perform in Balenciagas — my toe would fall off.”

Style transformation over the years:

“Back in the day, I was just throwing on [anything]. I really didn’t care about fashion until I grew more as an artist. When I first started to pop, one of my managers told me: ‘Stop wearing joggers and flip-flops.’ You never know who you’re going to run into, so I take big pride in it now.”

Where I shop:

“Mr Porter, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Nike.”

Favorite looks on a lady:

“One of those little ‘freakum’ dresses that will squeeze the hips and [show off her curves]. The shoes have to be on point too. I like the classy ‘red bottoms,’ but if you know how to put it together, I’m satisfied. You don’t have to wear expensive s**t to look good.”

k camp, fashion, style
K Camp
CREDIT: Courtesy of 427 Music/RARE Sound

Style inspiration:

“I’ve pretty much had my own style my whole life. I don’t like to take apart somebody’s style and look like that person. The main thing I learned from other artists is how they put stuff together. I used to be wack as hell with style. I was a black-tee-every-day [guy]. You have to learn color schemes and what goes with what, and what goes with your skin tone.”

If I could walk in someone else’s shoes …

“I’d probably pick Jay-Z, just to observe what type of calculated moves he has going on and trying to figure out the plugs.”

Dream collaboration:

“I want to say Louis — I love Louis Vuitton. But I’d probably say Kanye because he’s onto some s**t. He’s probably going to be the next Louis in the next 10 years.”

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