The Craziest Shoes of London Fashion Week Men’s Spring ’19

Leave it to any London fashion week to provide a wacky, subversive take on the latest trends.

While New York always has a sporty edge and both Milan and Paris lean more sophisticated, fashion insiders look to London for experimental looks that push the limits. London’s Men’s Fashion Week for the spring ’19 season was no different, and the out-there looks highlighted a number of trends that have been happening the past few seasons.

The Man-Platform

Believe it or not, the most outlandish look at London Fashion Week Men’s is a trend that’s been percolating on the runways for a few seasons, albeit in very small circles. The spotted platforms at Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s show are not for novices.

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The Western Boot

The Western-inspired boot has made its way to both men’s and women’s runways — but rarely to a tropical look like this Hawaiian shirt-and-shorts combo at Liam Hodges.

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Protest Looks

Protest fashion has permeated all fashion weeks, but no more so than at London Fashion Week. This season, the Man show included signs meant to look like protest placards but were actually costume rental requests. This look required a men’s sandal with a mummy costume.

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Flannel, piercings and spikes are punk signatures. But suede boots? Not so much. Privacy Policy and Staff Only’s runway show said otherwise.

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Tech-accented accessories in materials like neoprene and rubber are here to stay, and Privacy Policy and Staff Only’s show proved it.

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Socks and sandals

This footwear combo has reached its apex, but Edward Crutchley’s hosiery-like mesh socks are a step above.

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