Nicholas Kirkwood Debuts a Series of Spoofs About the State of Fashion Starring Rose McGowan

Nicholas Kirkwood: home-shopping purveyor? Don’t worry, it’s just one of a series of spoofs to promote Kirkwood’s see-now, buy-now spring ’19 collection that will be shown on Sunday as part of his London Fashion Week debut.

In the film, directed by Daisy Lewis, gushing hosts from “QVZ” (a nod to the popular QVC network) are featured flogging a line of taupe heels dubbed Basic Beige. “You too can look strikingly ordinary,” they coo, adding that the styles are “wipe clean” and come with “a flirty accent of execution pink … available at knockdown prices today.”

“Who said retail was dead?” they chime before the apparent public service broadcast is interrupted by an intervention starring author and activist Rose McGowan. She stomps down the runway wearing a chunky boot in Kirkwood’s new Perfection Print, one of three see-now, buy-now styles that will feature in full on his runway.

Exclusive see-now, buy-now style in Perfection Print from Nicholas Kirkwood's spring 2019 collection
Perfection Print from Nicholas Kirkwood’s spring ’19 collection.
CREDIT: Nicholas Kirkwood

The designer shared another peek at the collection through a short clip posted on Instagram:

In an exclusive interview with FN, the British designer expressed his frustration with the industry playing it safe, explaining he wanted to use his show as “a platform for creativity.”

“I can’t live with just making the kind of shoes that all the other brands make because that’s what the buyers want, because they’re terrified [of not meeting sales targets]. The reality is that when you rely on wholesale, people buy your carryovers in black and beige.

“There was a certain time when buyers said, ‘I love this, I haven’t seen it before, and it represents my kind of customer.'”

His hope is that after seeing the couture designs he plans to showcase on the runway, “some of those buyers will take a chance again on something more interesting.”

Buyers, are you listening?

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