How Giuseppe Zanotti Made the G-Heel That Celebs Are Loving

Giuseppe Zanotti’s new capsule collection for spring is all about the G. Featuring the brand’s signature initial, the stylized letter takes the form of a specially sculptured stiletto. And celebrities are loving the unique design.

So far, Heidi Klum, Dakota Fanning and Hong Chau have been spotted in the yet-to-be-released style.

Heidi Klum Giuseppe Zanotti
Heidi Klum in Giuseppe Zanotti’s G-Heel.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Dubbed the G-heel, the shoes are inspired by the ’90s and will be offered in black, green, red and silver mirrored metallic leathers.

“I’ve always sought to bring a distinctive design to my shoes, and one of the ways I’ve achieved that is through the relentless research behind designing and crafting the perfect heel,” said Zanotti.

Getting that perfect heel is no easy feat. It begins with Zanotti sketching his ideas in watercolor. (This specific idea came from Zanotti’s own signature.) Next, multiple 3-D prototypes are created for the designer to give final approval, while the production proccess is mapped out to guarantee that the design is wearable.

Giuseppe Zanotti G-Heel
Designer Giuseppe Zanotti with a G-Heel prototype.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

For each G-heel, the leather is then handcut to precicesly fit the construction. Then a special steel machine is used to follow the exact curves of the stiletto in order to anchor and stabilize the shoe. Finally, each is checked by an expert craftsman for any minor defects, whether in the leather or form. Flaws are flagged before a shoe can proceed to retail.

Giuseppe Zanotti G-Heel
Giuseppe Zanotti’s G-heel in red.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Available online and in stores on April 5, the G-heel retails at $895.

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