Tinie Tempah’s Sneaker Collab With Filling Pieces Is Just Getting Started

Tinie Tempah is becoming a household name at London Fashion Week Men’s, which wrapped up today. For the third outing of his menswear label, What We Wear, he offered a more sophisticated aesthetic and a new sneaker collaboration of minimalist black and white leather sneakers created with Amsterdam-based footwear label Filling Pieces. Here, he talks to FN about his ambitions for the brand, his design process and what he is planning next with Filling Pieces.

What was your inspiration for the fall ’18 collection?

“I was looking at the real world. What We Wear is trying to reflect the modern, stylish millennial man, and the main thing that he does after the age of 18 is work. Every job, whether you are working underground or in the sky, requires some sort of dress code or uniform, and with people wanting security, more often than not, they end up wearing the same uniform. That’s when they start to add little details, they might rip something apart and stitch it with a different color, roll the sleeves up to make it their own. I wanted to reflect that in the collection and play with the What We Wear name, calling the range Work Work Wear.”

What We Wear Fall 2018
What We Wear fall ’18

Why did you chose to work with Filling Pieces?

“We have a great relationship with Filling Pieces. I’ve been going to Amsterdam to see them for quite a while now, and I love what they do. I love how practical it is, but again very luxe. We will be doing a full collaboration later in the year; here we are just teasing what’s coming up.”

What are your ambitions for the label?

“I want to see it on every man, that’s my ambition for it. I want to be able to look forward to the next five or 10 years, however long it takes, and see What We Wear stores and many different men — white, black, Indian, Christian, Muslim, Jewish — walking in and feeling that there’s a brand that speaks for them. I want them to feel like there’s a brand that can offer them everything from underwear to a nightgown, every essential that a man needs. That’s my dream.”

What We Wear x Filling Pieces
What We Wear x Filling Pieces
CREDIT: WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Why do you continue to choose London to host your show?

“I am from London. I know that lots of people choose to show in different parts of the world — Paris, Milan, New York. I know London is quite small, but I’m an ambassador for London Fashion Week, and I feel it’s my duty to do my bit to put London on the map.”

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