Supra Goes Around the World With Slick New Sneaker Collab

Supra announced on Wednesday its new Crown the Globe collection, featuring the popular Skytop V style by Chad Muska.

Muska, a skateboarder, artist and longtime collaborator, is releasing his fifth shoe with the brand.

The collection is available on SupraFootwear.com and retails for $125 featuring color schemes that represent nine countries around the world: United States, Portugal, Mexico, France, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Chile and England.

Muska was inspired by the flags of these countries and used this inspiration to create a new silhouette. The Skytop V is a mid-top featuring a three-piece cage and an internal neoprene bootie, making the shoe comfortable as well as stylish.


Supra, Chad Muska, Skytop, Argentina
The Argentina Skytop V from Chad Muska and Supra’snew Crown the Globe collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

“It is an honor that Supra chose the Skytop V to represent the Crown the Globe Collection,” said Muska. “Working close with the creative team to come up with the marketing assets has been a fun experience and a reminder of how great our global family truly is. The final products and execution turned out amazing.”

Muska released his first shoe with Supra in 2007 and since has released four different versions, making the Skytop V the most recent product of an 11-year collaboration.

Supra, Chad Muska, Skytop, Portugal
The Portugal Skytop V from Chad Muska and Supra’s new Crown the Globe collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

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