‘This Is Us’ Star Eris Baker on Her Red Carpet Style

If there’s one word to describe “This Is Us” star Eris Baker’s mood for the upcoming SAG Awards, it’s unequivocally “excited.” The 12-year-old actress — Baker plays Randall’s daughter Tess on the hit show — is so excited, in fact, that there’s no room left for nerves as she attends her first big awards show. Nor as she prepares to wear her first gown and high heels (an age-appropriate choice) on the red carpet.

eris baker, this is us
Eris Baker
CREDIT: Jessica Castro Photography

“I’m not nervous. I’m quite excited,” she told Footwear News over a phone interview. “When people see me, I want [them] to say, ‘Look at Eris.’ I want my dress to say ‘Eris.'”

Part of the thrill in the show prep comes from the fact that Baker had her gown custom-made — another first for the budding style maven.

“I want my dress to match my personality and my mood because this is my first time wearing a gown, and it’s the first time a designer is customizing my dress. I want it to scream me, and I want it to scream my age,” she said.

eris baker, this is us, dynamic and diverse emmy reception
Baker wears a floral jacquard skirt with a ruffle blouse and bow-embellished shoes.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

Baker and her stylist Neishea Lemle tapped L.A.-based designer Walter Mendez, a telling omen for the young fashionista. He’s created custom pieces for the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, who each have an iconic style of their own.

“For the SAG Awards, I’m going for a feminine and soft side,” she said, hinting that the color would be in the nude/blush range. Baker worked with Lemle to craft the initial design ideas for the ensemble before they took the concept to Mendez.

“[Eris and I] met and went over how we felt as far as short or long and color mood. Then we picked the fabric and had a few meetings [with the designer] to bring the vision to life,” explained Lemle.

eris baker, this is us
Baker is snazzy in a Michael Jackson-inspired look and lace-up boots.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

“Tweenies are really hard because they don’t want to dress in the frou-frou dresses from the kids’ department. It’s also a little too grown to go for the juniors’ and adult section. We’ve done a good job so far to where she doesn’t look grown but she looks cool, edgy and fashion-forward,” Lemle said.

But having “done a good job” might be an understatement. From her Michael Jackson-inspired look — one of Baker’s favorite fashion moments — to her pairing of classic white blouses with structured skirts, the young celeb is already a standout on the red carpet.

“My style is edgy because I always like to wear really unique things and stuff that you wouldn’t see on the red carpet. I really like funky shoes like giant high-tops or lots of glitter or sequins to make it really fun. But now that I’m 12, I have to work with new styles, work with heels and work with lots of different shoes that still always match my style,” explained Baker.

eris baker, this is us, variety
A classic white blouse and embroidered skirt is paired with oxfords in Baker’s look at a Variety event.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

The actress always delivers a winning look with unmoving confidence whenever she steps out. With each event, she continues to prove her innate fashion sense and eye for style. Baker is like many ladies when it comes to choosing an outfit, and the SAG Awards is no different.

“I don’t have final decisions [on the dress] yet because I can never make up my mind!” she said.

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