‘The Last O.G.’ Star Dante Hoagland Epitomizes Gen Z Style

Few things can keep one’s fashion game on point quite like starring in a buzzy new television comedy alongside legends Tracy Morgan and Cedric the Entertainer, and breakout star Tiffany Haddish.

Dante Hoagland, a budding 15-year-old actor — who plays the son of Haddish and Morgan on the new TBS sitcom “The Last O.G.” — knows a lot of new eyes are on his swag, and he’s stepping up to the challenge.

That’s not to say Hoagland hasn’t done the rounds on Hollywood already — he’s starred as the young Michael Bevin in the “New Edition Story” on BET, appeared on NBC’s “30 Rock” as Tina Fey’s adopted son and has showcased his acting chops in several “SNL” skits.

But with each new gig, the young actor — who epitomizes Gen Z’s affinity for niche labels and edgy athleisure trends with individual touches — is upping the antee. For his shoot with FN, he styled himself in Stance’s “2Pac for Anthem Legends” socks and Y&R’s “Reckless” camouflage hoodie with matching sweatpants.

The Last O.G. Dante Hoagland
Dante Hoagland, star of TBS’s “The Last O.G.,” shot for FN.
CREDIT: George Chinsee

Here, he dishes on his fashion favorites.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

“I have about 33 pairs.”

What are your favorite footwear and fashion brands?

“My favorite type of footwear is sneakers, and Jordans are at the top the list. My top of the list in fashion are Zara, Guess, [Mike Bivins’ line] Sportyrich, and I love to shop at [regional Northeastern retailer] Against All Odds.”

What’s your favorite shoe store?

“Flight Club and Vans.”

How do you switch up your style for different occasions?

“When I’m filming, I usually arrive to set in an outfit that matches my mood for that day. But no matter what mood I’m in that day,  99 percent of the time I’ll have a pair of creative-style socks with a backpack. When I do red carpets, I try to make the outfit represent me as well as the character I’m playing. When I go to the mall, I’m just chilling. It’s whatever I pull out of the closet matched with a pair of sneakers.”

Describe your favorite look on a girl.

“I like girls that keep their hair neat — natural, straight, curly, braids, colored — I like it all. But I don’t really have a favorite look for a girl. Creativeness will grab my attention.”

What’s a look you’ll never be caught dead in?


What was your first big fashion purchase after you made it?

“A Ferragamo belt.”

What are your favorite sneakers to work out in?

“Adidas — because they’re comfortable.”

Who is a celebrity whose fashion sense you admire?

“I like Vic Mensa’s style — it’s creative.”

The Last O.G. Dante Hoagland
Dante Hoagland, star of TBS’ “The Last O.G.,” shot for FN.
CREDIT: George Chinsee
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