Sheryl Crow Talks About Her HSN Fashion Line, New Music & Her Favorite Onstage Shoe Styles

Musician and actress Sheryl Crow continues to expand her list of accomplishments. Now she’s added fashion entrepreneur with the 2017 launch of a signature collection of women’s clothing and accessories on home shopping network HSN.

For Crow, shifting gears came naturally, keeping her casual attitude toward style top-of-mind. The line focuses on laid-back looks that include jeans, vests, tunics — and, of course, Western-inspired boots.

Sheryl Crow hsn
Sheryl Crow
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“My [fashion] style’s like my music,” said Crow. “It’s Americana — inspired by pieces from Western jackets and great denim. Throw in a Balmain jacket with great pair of Levi’s and Golden Goose boots, and I’m set.”

While Crow’s partial to Western boots, boasting a wardrobe of 50 to 60 pairs of vintage to current styles, more recently she’s embraced the sneaker trend. “I’ve worn sneakers on stage for the last year, and it’s been fun,” she said. “It’s mainly for comfort and getting around [easily]. The last record I made was so energetic and inspiring that I wanted to be able to move and act as youthful as I felt. I have a drawer full of Golden Goose sneakers. I also have a couple of pairs of Nike, but on stage, I go for more fashion [looks].”

In an exclusive interview with FN, Crow talks about her favorite fashion looks, best singing partners and advice for the next generation of female entertainers.

My red carpet style:

“I don‘t mind dressing up, but have to make sure whatever I wear I feel super-comfortable in, and don’t feel like the clothes are wearing me.”

Go-to footnotes:

“I’ve worn Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. I love YSL styles with a bit of a platform. I’ve worn them on stage frequently and have been able to move around. As long as it has a platform on it, so I feel that I‘m not so high. For boots, I gravitate toward Frye. The brand’s been consistent in coming up with cool yet traditional [looks] all the way to cutting-edge.”

Sheryl Crow HSN boot
Western-inspired boot from Sheryl Crow’s HSN collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of HSN

Most enjoyable part of performing:

“I love being able to communicate with the audience and giving people the opportunity to be away from everything for three or four hours.”

Favorite duet partner:

“I’ve had so many top moments and had the good fortune of singing with people like Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Justin Timberlake. But one of my favorites is Stevie Nicks. I’ve always loved her, her music and authenticity. I think we have a great blend together. “

Biggest challenge as a female artist:

“Throughout my career, most of the decisions were made by men. I’m not sure I ever ran across any [woman] with a high position in a record label. I only know a couple of female record producers. It was a bit of a battle for me to produce my second, third and fourth records. There was always a discussion about whom I should co-produce with or who should produce me. I always felt I was the best man for the job and produced myself. There’s a different attitude about women [in the business], as if we don’t have the skill set that a man would have in our position.”

Advice to young woman entering the music industry:

“Be true to yourself. Enjoy the work and be into the craft more than the branding.”

Sheryl Crow on stage
Sheryl Crow performing onstage.
CREDIT: Courtesy of HSN

Mentors along the way:

“I was lucky enough to be hired by Don Henley early on. My first gig was with Michael Jackson. Although he did not mentor me, I learned a lot from him. I also learned a lot from Stevie Nicks. I’ve been blessed to have people embrace me that have been around for a while.”

Overcoming my battle with cancer:

“I have the dubious honor of being a spokesperson for cancer. In so many ways, it’s been been uplifting for me. It’s a difficult journey to go through. However, I was diagnosed so early, I never felt that cancer was going to take me out. But it did give me the opportunity to talk [about it] to my fan base. It’s filled with women of all ages, and cancer does strike women of all ages. If I can create awareness, that’s half the battle. Until there’s a cure, early detection is our greatest weapon.”

Advice to my sons:

“They are being raised by a single working mom and slowly learning by osmosis that women can do everything a man can do and should be compensated fully. I feel certain they’re going to grow up having a very high opinion of women.”

Upcoming project:

“EP collection of five songs we’re going to put out before we go on tour this summer. I will be spending the summer doing a lot of festivals, from Bonnaroo to Olive White in England to a jazz festival. I also have a collaborative record coming out next year — ‘Snap’ — with people like Willie Nelson, Keith Richards, Joe Walsh and Stevie Nicks.”

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