Sneakers and Dresses May Be a Trend Now, But Serena Williams Has Been Wearing It for Years

The easiest way to throw on a put-together look these days is to match your dress with a pair of fresh sneakers – seriously, every celeb is doing it. There is one star who has made this trend her own though, and has been doing it since back in 2011: Serena Williams.

Williams is known for her easy-going style and ability to pair sneakers with just about any outfit, no matter how fancy.

No one besides the tennis star would ever dare to wear athletic shoes under a Valentino gown and especially to the celebration of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. She even posted an Instagram as proof that comfort outweighs all.

There are many other instances where Williams went for comfortable shoes over a pair of heels. For example, in March of this year, she wore a mini, black long-sleeve dress with Nike Air Jordan 1s to attend the Miami Open groundbreaking ceremony.

serena williams, sneakers
Serena Williams wearing Nike Air Jordan 1s at the Miami Open ground breaking ceremony, March 20.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Over seven years ago, Williams was spotted for one of the first times wearing the pairing. This time in a white dress with a red Chanel bag, the mom-of-one slipped on a pair of Nike sneakers. While this was back in May of 2011, her style still stays true to this vibe.

serena williams, dress sneakers
Serena Williams headed to dinner in Miami, May 11, 2011.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

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