Supermodel Miranda Kerr Shares the Best Tips on Pampering Your Feet and High-Heel Pain Relief

As a supermodel, Miranda Kerr knows plenty about the agonizing aftermath of standing all day in heels. But as a skincare entrepreneur, the 35-year-old has found a solution to soothing her feet with treatments from her own Kora Organics line she founded in 2009.

Kerr showcased her collection in November in Los Angeles at The Grove shopping plaza as part of its Pop Shops rotating temporary pop-up store series.

miranda kerr
Miranda Kerr
CREDIT: Erik Voake

The runway fixture shared that her secret weapon for foot pain relief on the go is her Rose Quartz Heart Sculptor — a small pink quartz tool that she carries in her purse.

“It’s like a massage; it helps break up and release muscle tension, followed by the therapeutic benefits of stroking or scraping the skin on my feet and legs with the smooth edge to expel toxins, revive the circulatory system and move any stagnant energy,” Kerr explained, “so having this on hand to help relieve that tension and increase circulation in the feet and legs is a great idea.”

kora rose quartz heart
Kora’s Rose Quartz Heart.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Kora Organics

In the evenings, Kerr recommends pampering yourself by applying nongreasy-formula oils and lotions to your feet. “And then pop some socks on for about 30 minutes as a really nourishing foot treatment,” she added.

When she’s not in a sandal, the Malibu resident said she spends a majority of her time wearing other practical shoe styles. “I’m running around between my business and my two children, so ballet flats and white sneakers are my go-to; on cooler days, I go for a flat boot, but right now, I’m also into beautiful embellished heels teamed with jeans and a simple T-shirt or cashmere sweater.”

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