Twitter Roasts Melania Trump’s Hurricane Harvey Heels After Her Hurricane Florence Tweet

With Hurricane Florence slamming the Carolina coast, Melania Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to urge those within the hurricane’s path to exercise caution. But the first lady’s tweet reminded social media users of the 2017 controversy that surrounded her choice of footwear while visiting Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston.

After arriving at the Texas city in August last year, Trump was photographed in 4-inch Manolo Blahnik BB pumps — an unconventional choice for navigating flood zones. Social media users went wild, mocking the impracticality of the stilettos.

melania trump, texas, shoes, manolo blahnik
Melania Trump visits Texas wearing Manolo Blahnik pumps.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

When the former model asked that those in Hurricane Florence’s path pay attention to law enforcement officials and evacuate as needed, some Twitter users saw the opportunity to criticize those Manolos again.

You got your disaster heels picked out for visiting the affected areas?” quipped one user. Another asked: “Are you going to put on your high heels and go help?

Some users also brought up the Zara jacket Trump wore when she visited migrant children in detention centers over the summer. The controversial piece read, “I really don’t care. Do u?”

Got another smart-alec jacket to wear to visit the victims? Or some new shiny heels? Awful woman,” wrote one user.

Currently designated as Category 1, Hurricane Florence made landfall yesterday and has already left destruction in its wake, wreaking havoc with punishing winds and 3 inches of rainfall per hour as it swept through the evacuation zone.

More than a dozen federal agencies, including FEMA, are involved in relief efforts — and the Trumps will likely make a trip to the Carolinas to visit victims.

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