This Is Why Kanye West Wore Those Too-Small Yeezy Slides That Twitter Mocked

By now, you’ve likely already seen those pictures of Kanye West sporting slides that were a few sizes too small for his feet at 2 Chainz’s wedding on Aug. 18 in Miami. (In case you missed it, here’s a peek at the shoes.)

It’s been a little over a week since the viral moment, with the internet, and even his wife, Kim Kardashian, roasting the rapper-designer’s choice to wear ill-fitting Yeezy Season 6 slip-ons. Now, West has come to defend his footwear choice, reasoning on Twitter with accompanying images that the sized-down pair was worn “the Japanese way.”

yeezy season 6 slides, kanye west feet
West rocking Yeezy Season 6 slides.
CREDIT: Splash News

One photo depicting a caricature of a traditional Japanese shoe illustrates that “the straps should be snug but not too tight between the two toes,” with the heel needing to “extend 1-2 cm off the back of the wooden sole.” Another simply shows a foot on a slide, indicating the appropriate measurement between heel and the back of the shoe with red lines and a two-way arrow.

Offering a lesson in style, West argues that the wearer’s heel should fall slightly off the shoe, à la Japanese zōri.

Whether it’s a trick to prevent blisters or a hack that helps with overall balance, one thing’s for sure: West’s fashion sense has earned enough publicity for the shoe, which is now sold out on Yeezy Supply.

Separately, West tweeted a photo of a T-shirt designed by fashion Instagram sensation Diet Prada, which was printed with drawings of the infamous slides in a number of motions.

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