Elton John Announces Retirement: A Look Back At His Memorable Onstage Style

During a press conference today, legendary musician Sir Elton John announced that he will retire from touring, with his epic 300-date, three-year-long “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” being his last (it will kick off in September and end in 2021).

“I’m not going to be touring anymore,” he said. “I’m 71. I can’t physically do the traveling anymore. I want to be at home. I really want to spend time with my children at home. I’ve had an incredible life, but life is all about change. That doesn’t mean I won’t still be creative, but I won’t travel any more…I don’t want to go out with a whimper. I want to go out with a bang…It’ll be the most produced, fantastic show I’ve ever done.”

Naturally, heartbroken-slash-diehard fans flooded Elton John’s site for tickets — and promptly broke it. “I’m overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to my last ever tour,” the award-winning Hall of Famer tweeted. “Unfortunately, so is my website! Eltonjohn.com will be fully back online as soon as possible. Deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

And with the promise of a fantastic show is also the promise of equally fantastic onstage outfits. Ever the showman, John is famous for his penchant for maximalist, out-there looks, including retina-searing glittery blazers, brocade suits, embellished jumpsuits and outrageous feathery over-the-top costumes. The man’s got flair, which makes the news that Gucci is set to exclusively design his farewell tour looks all the more fitting. “[Designer Alessandro Michele’s designs are] humorous and fun and beautifully made,” the musician said to WWD. “I used to be so close to Gianni [Versace] and now I’m so close to Alessandro.”

His shoes, too, have been just as unforgettable. One particular pair — metallic monogrammed silver boots with an incredibly tall platform —  is even on display at the Museum of Modern Art’s “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” exhibit in New York City.

So to help us come to grips with John’s retirement from touring, we rounded up his most memorable onstage looks from his 50-year-long career in show business.

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