Why Chrissy Teigen Insists on Keeping Her Feet Covered Up at All Costs

Chrissy Teigen may be a supermodel, but she has one thing in common with everyday women: She hates her feet.

During an appearance on “The Ellen Show” yesterday to promote her new cookbook, the star admitted to host Ellen DeGeneres that she finds her feet “horrible and ugly” and that she avoids going barefoot at all costs and keeps her feet covered up whenever she can. Naturally, Teigen’s comments had DeGeneres curious, prompting her to lean in for a better look, along with the camera, causing Teigen to squeal with embarrassment and try to shield her feet with her hands. “I have Asian jungle feet — like we’re meant to climb trees,” Teigen joked.

Considering her line of work, which includes bikini-clad photo shoots on the beach for Sports Illustrated, Teigen said she has had to take drastic measures to avoid baring her less-than-perfect feet to the world. “I used to have it in my Sports Illustrated contract: no feet. I would bury them in the sand,” she explained, adding she has also made many retouching demands.

Teigen then went on to shock the “Ellen” audience by sharing a story about her husband, singer John Legend, making a very off-color joke about her feet. “John always says that if I die — this is a terrible story already — all he has to do in the morgue, instead of lifting up the sheet on the face, he’ll just do it the other way and he can tell [my identity] by my feet,” she said. (Watch the clip on Ellentube.com.)

After the show, DeGeneres tweeted about the hilarious segment with Teigen — leading the model to reply back that her feet are what Legend really was referring to when he sang about his wife’s “curves and edges” in his 2014 hit “All of Me.”

Teigen is certainly in good company. A 2008 survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association revealed that more than 50 percent of women are embarrassed by their feet. Indeed, Facebook is filled with numerous “I Hate Feet” solidarity and support groups.

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