Blake Lively Shuts Down Haters in the Best Way After Trolls Roasted Her for Wearing Pantsuits on Press Tour

While promoting her latest film, “A Simple Favor,” Blake Lively’s been stepping out in pantsuit after pantsuit.

The self-styled actress has gotten lots of positive feedback for her looks — which are inspired by her character’s on-screen style. She often teamed the outfits with chic heels.

But she’s also received her fair share of criticism from fans, with some saying that they would prefer to see her in something other than a suit.

“Ok whats going on with blake lively and her suits can somebody style her please theres better ways to do this bb,” a fan posted to Twitter.

I’m gonna need Blake Lively to stop wearing suits pretty soon here,” one Twitter user commented.

Another criticism came from a fan who felt the “Gossip Girl” alum was trying too hard with the look.

“It’s so forced and contrived and costume-y. I cringe. She always tried too hard, it’s never effortless,” read the tweet.

Ultimately, Lively got the last laugh. After fashion Instagram account @fashion_critic posted a shot of the star in a blush Ralph Lauren suit with the snarky comment, “It’s suit number 1,356 for Blake Lively’s promotion of ‘A Simple Favor,'” she decided to clap back.
“Would you note a man wearing lots of suits during a promo tour?” she wrote. “So why can’t a woman? Just sayinnnn. No double standards ladies.”
Despite the mixed fan reactions, one thing’s certain: Lively’s style is making a statement with her pantsuits.
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