Blake Lively’s ‘A Simple Favor’ Movie Used Boxes & Boxes of Christian Louboutins

Blake Lively is known for her standout street style, and most recently, her self-styled looks are something to take notice.

The actress, who is starring in Paul Feig’s “A Simple Favor,” has been busy promoting the film, and she has certainly brought her character to life through her sartorial choices.

Blake Lively attends the world premiere of "A Simple Favor" at The Museum of Modern Art, in New YorkWorld Premiere of "A Simple Favor", New York, USA - 10 Sep 2018
Blake Lively attends the world premiere of “A Simple Favor” at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
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In the movie, Lively’s Emily is a powerful presence, which is only enhanced by her wardrobe. Her ensembles are mostly men’s suits and pumps, and Lively has channeled that style for her own red carpet and TV appearances.

“What she does on her own is clever,” said “A Simple Favor” costume designer Renée Ehrlich Kalfus. “She’s using that man tailor [look] for her press run. She has a lot of irony and fun to her. She gets it.”

And the inspiration went both ways. Her fictional character also seemed to have traces of Lively’s real-life self in her, and that was seen through Emily’s love of Christian Louboutin shoes.

Kalfus added, “The straight away inspiration for the wardrobe with Blake’s character was the fact that Blake is very good friends with Christian Louboutin. In our case, this was unbelievable. He sent us boxes and boxes of Louboutins.”

Blake Lively wears Christian Louboutin in “A Simple Favor.”
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With hundreds of Louboutins to choose from, Kalfus said, there was a new pair used in almost every scene. “We had them lined up where everybody would walk into the fitting room and just go, ‘Oh my god.'”

In the film, Lively’s character has an envy-inducing walk-in closet that is filled with rows and rows of the red-bottomed heels.

Plus, they were probably one of a kind, Kalfus said, noting that she needed to double up on the color block, leopard-print pumps seen in the first scene of the movie.

“It was pouring movie rain, and we decided on these colorful stilettos, but we had to call and get another pair just in case… One of those pairs were completely destroyed, and that was heartbreaking,” she said with a laugh.

Blake Lively, in Christian Louboutins, and Anna Kendrick, in Hunter boots, in a scene from “A Simple Favor.”
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As for Emily’s signature suits, Kalfus credits Ralph Lauren for the scene-stealing looks, which were altered and adjusted for Lively.

She said, “I was allowed to look through their archival closets and borrow those suits. They are vintage, and what’s fun is that suits are exploding this season.”

Lively stars alongside Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding in “A Simple Favor,” which hits theaters today.

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