Insiders On Why Everyone Is Wearing Black to Golden Globes 2018 & What It Means For Shoes

A night that has often been described as Hollywood’s biggest party has quickly turned into a platform for change. While the Golden Globes red carpet has been one of fashion’s biggest runways — putting the hottest designers and trends on display — this year’s awards is being used as a channel for protest.

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, women in Hollywood and far beyond have shared their experiences of discrimination and assault in huge numbers. And this week, more than 300 women, including Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon, launched Time’s Up, an initiative fighting harassment across all industries.

On Sunday night, a sea of black dresses is expected to permeate the red carpet as Hollywood women are coming together to take a stand in solidarity against sexual harassment and gender inequality at the 2018 Golden Globes.

Ahead of the evening, Mandy Moore’s stylist Erica Cloud told FN that the night will provide a feeling of empowerment. “I am doing it with all my clients,” she said. “I gave them the choice if they wanted to participate or not. They were all more than happy to join and take part in the alliance and the unity in it.” She also dresses Golden Globe nominee Hong Chau.

“It’s nice to be able to have a voice, and being able to make it less about exclusivity. During awards season, everyone is trying to get as many dresses as possible and this is taking competition out it and again unifying on all fronts,” Cloud said.

And for many stylists, whose job revolves around creating a certain aesthetic for red carpets, backing the protest was an easy choice.

“We support this as well,” added Cloud. “At the end of the day a black dress is classic and beautiful. I like the double representation of the all black being about unity, but then the accessories being different and really praising our differences. I think there will be color in earring and bags and shoes.”

Shoe designer and stylist Neil J. Rodgers also said he is expecting to see a heightened focus on footwear at the awards show.

“Shoes are always an integral part of any red carpet look. The all black dress code will definitely bring closer attention to footwear,” he said. “I’m expecting to see a lot of interesting, sculptural black [dress] styles with more traditional red carpet staples, i.e. simple pumps and strappy sandals, worn in metallic nappas and jewel toned satins. Crystal and embellishment in general may also be a big trend of the evening.”

But several brands said they are seeing a lot of requests for black styles — which many actresses might choose to make a head-to -toe protest statement.

Giuseppe Zanotti, for example, has had many stylists asking for only black shoes. The normally popular red-carpet requested hues, such as nude, blush and rose, have not been touched. Meanwhile, another high-end shoe label is getting mixed requests for both black and color designs. Metallic options may also be spotted on the red carpet as well.

We will have to wait and see what the red carpet presents, but the night is predicted to be full of statements.

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