You’ll Be Surprised By How Many Shoes Beyoncé Needs for the ‘On the Run II’ Tour

Beyoncé and Jay Z have been busy with their “On the Run II” tour and the show’s costumes are a spectacle themselves. Beyoncé has been wowing crowds — which have included fans like former first lady Michelle Obama — with impressive ensembles from Gucci, Peter Dundas and LaQuan Smith.

This month, the singer has been spotted onstage wearing both silver and gold metallic over-the-knee boots and glitter pumps custom-made by Sergio Rossi.

FN caught up with the brand’s CEO, Riccardo Sciutto, to talk about the collaboration with one of music’s biggest stars.

FN: How many shoes did the brand create for Beyoncé?

RS: “Thirty in a week. It was a labor of love, but we had to do our very best.”

FN: Have you noticed any sales bump since she has been wearing the shoes?

RS: “We are already in a positive trend from the last year, and we hope this new step will help us to grow even more.”

Sergio Rossi Shoes Beyonce
A sketch of Sergio Rossi boots made for Beyoncé.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Sergio Rossi

FN: What was the inspiration behind the designs?

RS: “Beyoncé is an inspiration on her own. Her incredible energy both on- and offstage, her powerful personality, strength and touch of playfulness are always key to any Sergio Rossi creation.”

FN: What were the key design ingredients?

RS: “We gravitated toward chunky heels from our iconic Virginia and Scarlett pieces in very special materials just for her. They will be available in our top stores in the next few weeks.”

FN: How does teaming up with celebrities impact the brand as a whole?

RS: “It’s invigorating and inspiring. It gives us great validation on the direction we have taken in the last two years and is so flattering to think a superstar like Beyoncé wears our shoes.”

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