Keds President Gillian Meek on How to Succeed in the Shoe Industry as a Woman

As part of a new video series chronicling the lives and day-to-day of top female leaders in the shoe industry, we present to you this feature about Keds president Gillian Meek, shot at the Boston HQ of the sneaker brand. In the above clip, Meek tells viewers what makes a good leader and what success is built on. Meek also discusses what makes Keds unique in attracting so many female leaders.

At the end of the day, Meek says, it all comes down to passion. “Loving what you do and doing what you love is the beginning of any kind of success for me,” she adds. Trust is also a key ingredient to leadership, according to Meek. And lastly, she notes that taking risks is also a leadership trait that sometimes is hard to do.

In other recent news, Keds’ parent company, Wolverine World Wide Inc., reported first-quarter 2018 results that blew past Wall Street’s forecasts, sending its shares soaring in early-morning trading this month. The company also improved its outlook for the fiscal year. Keds itself was up mid-single digits.

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