New Survey Urges Corporations to Dramatically Change Workplaces

Outsourcing and business software applications company CGS has released its fourth annual “Learning Trends” report, and a clear theme emerged: corporations of all types are in major need of change for office operations.

The footwear industry is no exception. With recent bankruptcy filings from companies like Nine West Holdings Inc. and the Rockport Group Co., and the alarming rate at which brick-and-mortars are shuttering, shoe firms would benefit from overhauling internal operations.

“Whether the issue is accelerating technological developments, demographic change, disruption, competition or new methods of measuring success, today’s corporate learning professionals are racing to keep pace with the relentless speed of change,” the report found.

The CGS survey reviewed input from executives and influencers across office environments to identify top priorities and challenges in the workplace this year. According to the research, 72 percent of “CEOs from high-performing companies believe that the next three years will be more critical for their industry than in the last 50 years.”

Another takeaway was that companies should elevate employee training experiences. “L&D teams are now expected to provide content in multiple formats and make it easy for each generation to access the learning they need in the way that works best for them,” said the report.

Among other reveals: The development of employees’ ‘soft skills’ (such as social interaction and communication) remained as the top area where organizations are allocating the most L&D resources in 2018.

What’s more, the review stated that last year 43 percent of firms said they had a “proactive learning plan in place for handling major change events.” In 2018, it noted 30 percent of participating executives planned to implement blueprints to navigate internal disruptions — considering retail’s current drastic transformations, footwear businesses would be wise to consider alternatives to improve change management.

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