These 3 Tech Solution Providers Can Help Boost Footwear Businesses

As the retail landscape undergoes a transformation amid shifting consumer demands, the pressure to deliver products faster and more efficiently — online and in stores — continues to build.

As a result, reducing supply chain redundancies and inefficiencies is a priority. On the sourcing and product development side of the footwear business, product lifecycle management (PLM) products and services aim to help. Companies offering PLM solutions tout reductions in overall cycle and lead times, as well as improved collaboration with suppliers, rapid innovation and higher quality end products.

Here are some of the top companies with PLM offerings for footwear brands and retailers.


A technology firm specializing in product life cycle software for fashion apparel and athletic footwear, Lectra now offers PLM 4.0, which is designed to help businesses navigate “Industry 4.0.” This is in reference to what analysts and economists describe as the “fourth industrial revolution” impacting business today.

Lectra’s product allows users to “connect the dots” between all of its technology, team members and processes by “creating a fully digitalized” supply chain.


Software giant PTC provides “end to end” PLM, and the company boasts that its relevant offerings can be implemented from any device. Described on the firm’s website as “uniquely flexible, scalable, robust and secure,” PTC claims that its adaptability allows users to begin their PLM efforts quickly, all while with the ability to “grow at their own pace.”

Bamboo Rose

This Gloucester, Mass.-based company’s retail PLM aims to help suppliers and retailers “get the right products to market at the right time and at the right price” — and its website sassily notes that benefits of its service include “one version of the truth.”

The product also offers minimized sampling costs and a notable 20 to 50 percent reduction in cycle times.

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