Why You’ll No Longer Have to Wait in Line to Buy Stance Socks

In a competitive retail environment, meeting consumers’ demand for speed has never been so critical.

In fact, retailers lost out on about $37.7 billion over the last year, thanks to lengthy waits in line, according to research from payment solution platform Adyen. To reverse that trend, retailers are turning toward self-checkout options.

One firm leading the charge is Stance, the sock powerhouse.

Customers can check out via their smartphones at the retailer, a spokesman said. The feature, which is powered by digital commerce platform Moltin, doesn’t require an app and enables consumers to completely skip store lines.

When a customer shops in-store, he or she can now go to “a short URL from their phone where they can scan the barcodes on product tags and check out using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a credit card,” said a Stance spokesman.

“People don’t want to wait in line, and they don’t want to download an app to avoid a line, either. This solution combines the richness of a physical retail store visit with the convenience of e-commerce to give our guests the best experience possible,” said Paul Zaengle, EVP of direct-to-consumer at Stance. “We believe it will raise the bar in terms of what customers will come to expect from retailers. Moltin was able to develop and deploy this solution in less than two months, which is a testament to the power of its API platform.”

According to the spokesman, the browser-based web application is optimized for mobile. “It is designed to behave like an app, but since it is browser-based, it provides the ease of an e-commerce checkout experience in a physical store,” he explained.

Jamus Driscoll, CEO of Moltin, added: “[This offering] is proof that cutting-edge solutions are not only for those with massive resources and footprints — the future is accessible to everyone.”

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