Tech Giant PTC Launches Software to Speed Up Design Process

Technology is moving at an accelerated rate, and savvy tech companies are doing what they can to stay ahead of the curve.

One example: Software company PTC, which specializes in retail and consumer products, recently announced the release of a computer-aided-design product called Creo 5.0.

According to a spokesperson for the firm, the updated program offers “breakthrough capabilities” and “enables users to go from concept to manufacturing in one design environment.” It includes five new features for the “fast-changing world of product design” as well as “key productivity enhancements,” said the spokesperson.

The offering allows companies to speed up product innovation. “With Creo 5.0, concepts can be transformed into smart, connected products, bridging the physical and digital worlds with augmented-reality capabilities in every seat,” said the spokesperson.

Among other features, Creo 5.0 aims to streamline processes in areas like topology optimization (meaning optimized designs can be created automatically), additive and subtractive manufacturing (which empowers users to “design, optimize, print check, and additively manufacture parts without the need for multiple pieces of software”) and computational fluid dynamics (which enable designers, analysts and engineers to “simulate fluid flow issues directly within Creo”).

Brian Thompson, SVP of computer-aided design at PTC, explained that product design is evolving — and so must its relevant technologies. As he put it: “Improved functionality and new capabilities, like additive manufacturing, [gives] companies a true competitive edge all the way from concept to manufacturing.”

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