Snapchat Opens Itself Up to Fashion Players Like Poshmark With Latest Launch

Soon, you’ll be seeing the Snapchat logo around a lot more when you log in to your favorite apps.

On Thursday, Snap Inc. announced the launch of its Snap Kit, a series of developer tools that opens the door for third-party apps to use many of the social app’s features, including Bitmoji, Snapchat logins and Stories. Its first retail partner is Poshmark, the social selling marketplace, which is rolling out tools that will allow users to share Snapchat content on Poshmark and vice versa.

Sellers will be able to leverage their Snapchat followings to make sales by linking items in the photos or videos they post, and enrich their Poshmark profiles by including public Snapchat Stories. After listing an item on the marketplace, users can upload it straight to Snapchat, using custom stickers and filters.

Snapchat features on Poshmark
CREDIT: Poshmark

“That’s really the future of shopping, where social and social shopping start to become one integrated experience,” Poshmark founder and CEO Manish Chandra told WWD. “In social, amazing conversations are happening back and forth: You say, ‘Hey girl, that looks beautiful on you,’ and the person says, ‘You know, here’s where you can buy it from.’ But you go to shopping, and suddenly there’s a picture of a dress and a description, maybe a review, and it’s like you hit a wall.”

Use of the features on Poshmark is invitation-only, but the company expects it to roll out to all users by the fourth quarter of this year. Apps such as Postmates, Tinder and Giphy are part of the initial group of partners, but more are likely to be added soon.

Snap is also learning from Facebook’s privacy mistakes and promising to share only limited data with its partners (specifically, a user’s display name and Bitmoji) and to review every app before it is granted access. It also says it won’t share users’ friends data when they log in with Snap Kit, and apps are booted off automatically after 90 days of inactivity.

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