How Oracle’s New AI Assistant Is Speeding Up Retail Operations

Footwear retailers are becoming more intelligent — with artificial intelligence, that is.

Independents and department stores can now apply conversational AI technology to all stages of their business using Oracle Digital Assistant, which was integrated with Oracle Retail solutions earlier this month. The Digital Assistant, originally launched in October at Oracle OpenWorld 2018, supports analysts by sourcing important data on demand so that employees can more effectively use their time.

Conversational AI is frequently used on the front-end of retail, assisting customers online or aiding employees in-store. Simple chatbots that can answer direct questions are increasingly common across e-commerce platforms. But with this new integration of Digital Assistant and Oracle Retail Offer Optimization Cloud Service, Oracle aims to bring AI applications to the breadth of a retailer’s business.

In particular, the assistant is designed to work with areas such as location-specific sales forecasting, promotional deployment and performance, approval automation and target prioritization. Through the Digital Assistant, users can ask nuanced questions and select from various prompts as needed until the relevant information is located. The AI function means that over time the technology adapts to the user’s specific context and intent, becoming quicker and more efficient. Through continued use, this would allow the user to automate routine tasks.

AI assistants are already used in many households, through products like Alexa, Google Home and Siri. Like those assistants, Oracle Digital Assistant responds to voice commands, but it also works with text commands and is able to provide answers in either format. What’s more, it also works across popular platforms such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Alexa.

“Smart digital interactions are an integral part of our everyday life,” said Mike Webster, SVP at Oracle Retail. “This latest integration brings the power and simplicity of voice to retail operations.”

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