These 3 Firms Are Helping Retailers Boost Omnichannel Experiences

While the omnichannel idea is as tired a catchphrase as “disruption” or “millennial,” the patina has yet to fade, mainly due to the swelling tide of consumer demands and expectations from retailers.

There are plenty of cases to look to for guidance. Finish Line, WSS and Macy’s Inc. are among those that have invested in efforts to boost their omnichannel strategies — and so far, they appear to be paying off.

For footwear brands and retailers looking to follow suit, these three companies offer robust services that can guide business operations into an efficient, digitized ecosystem.

Oracle: For brands and retailers looking to update their efforts across channels, Oracle Retail serves up a variety of solutions. Its offerings include “a complete, flexible, agile omnichannel technology suite that simplifies the customer journey.” Oracle Retail’s customers have included Paquetá – the Shoe Company and Red Wing Shoe Co.

NewStore: Mobile remains a critical vehicle for shopping, and NewStore, which has worked with footwear giants like Adidas, aims to help retailers navigate its terrain. Its “mobile first” platform offers everything from one-touch buys to on-demand delivery that’s “optimized for the small screen.”

CGS: As this New York-headquartered firm’s website indicates, providing the “right product, right time [and] right price” are key elements to retail success. CGS helps footwear companies implement “omnichannel merchandise planning strategies [that aim to result] in on-trend merchandise [that reaches] the market faster, [with] a greater full-price sell-through and increased margins.” The company has offered services to brands such as Aerosoles and Frye.

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