3 Firms Offering Augmented-Reality Tech Solutions to Boost Sales & Profits

The tides are turning at retail, and many shoe businesses are struggling to keep up. But savvy brands and retailers are opting for futuristic tech to boost the sales and profits.

Enter augmented reality. Adidas, Converse, Lactose and Nike are just a few examples of industry giants that have tapped AR technology to create a more engaging customer experience as well as enhance the product development process. For footwear retailers and brands looking to utilize AR, here are three service providers that could help.


Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng — an AR-focused platform — told FN, “[Our organization] was founded with the goal of making [AR] easy to use for both brands and consumers. The vision is to use [AR] as a new type of communications platform that will allow brands to communicate with consumers in entirely new ways.” Thyng states that it enables users to “create [their] own [AR] experiences on any surface.”


Software firm PTC serves up everything from PLM to AR solutions and says its industrial AR offerings work to “transform” businesses. PTC’s products allow brands and retailers to “develop custom cross-platform AR applications” as well as “rapidly create and deploy scalable AR content.”


With a roster of clients including the likes of Uniqlo and LVMH, this AR solutions and software provider says its “artistic approach to the design of technology” sets it apart. A “creative services agency [specializing] in new technology,” Holition comprises retail specialists, luxury-focused marketers and 3-D technology experts.

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