Why Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Arm Is Suddenly Focusing on the EMEA

From a slew of strategic investments to Tmall’s powering of a new megastore in Beijing, Alibaba Group is driving hard to keep its brand in the global spotlight. The China-based conglomerate’s latest effort has its sights on the EMEA.

The company is rolling out a Europe, Middle East and Africa “ecosystem partner program” from its cloud computing arm, Alibaba Cloud. The action, according to a spokesman for Alibaba, aims to “further strengthen the collaboration between Alibaba Cloud’s customers and partners” in those regions.

“Our goal in EMEA is to bring powerful and elastic cloud services to our customers and create a well-connected, comprehensive ecosystem with our partners to accelerate cloud technology development in the regional cloud industry,” said Yeming Wang, GM of Alibaba Cloud EMEA.

For its customers, the focus on enhanced collaboration may indeed prove to pay off.

“Alibaba Cloud brings to EMEA … cloud technologies and experience, and expertise to drive innovations across various verticals,” said Wang. “We aim to empower our customers as they undergo their own digital transformation that will greatly improve their business efficiency and ability to provide a positive experience for their customers.”

Specifically, the spokesman noted, the initiative will emphasize “the development of digital transformation in targeted vertical industries, supporting talent development, advancing technology innovation and enhancing marketplaces.”

The initiative was introduced at the cloud computing arm’s Ecosystem Summit EMEA 2018, which recently took place in Paris. Intel and Accenture are among the initial participants.

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