AI-Personalized Marketing to Improve Dialogue Between Retailers & Consumers

National Retail Federation’s latest conference saw a fair share of exhibitor announcements, and many will dramatically influence the footwear industry.

To that end, a spokesperson for software developer Retail Pro International pointed to the company’s growing partnership with marketing and customer retention platform AppCard. According to the spokesperson, the result will be AI-driven personalized marketing and loyalty for specialty retail.

Specifically, the spokesperson said that by using the Retail Pro-AppCard experience, specialty retailers will be empowered to capitalize on POS data for their customer retention strategies. Fittingly, retailers will be able to make and send personalized multichannel marketing offers directly to shoppers to create more opportunities for consumer outreach and retention.

According to the spokesperson, retailers who take advantage of the Retail Pro/AppCard technologies will also benefit from a streamlined checkout process, improved marketing ROI, as well as a 360-degree view of the customer.

Retail Pro International’s CEO, Kerry Lemos, summed up why the move was critical for the company. “My goal for every technology partnership we form is to help our retailers extend profit capacity by seamlessly integrating the full power of Retail Pro,” he said. “With this deep integration between best-of-breed Retail Pro and AppCard solutions, we empower retailers to capitalize on the unmined potential of POS data for their customer retention strategy, thereby growing profitability.”

Eran Harel, AppCard’s VP of business development, agreed. “We believe in making life simple, engaging and fun for both the retailer and shopper — the Retail Pro-AppCard integration allows business owners to engage with customers in a way that incentivizes loyal behavior, reduces churn and grows their business.”

Retail Pro International’s customers include Adidas, Under Armour and Ecco.

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