How Footwear Vendors Can Build a Winning Digital Strategy

With digital becoming a constant need for companies and retailers, creating a website may seem to be an obvious first step. But what you do on that site can make or break you.

On Sunday in Las Vegas, a day before FN Platform, the National Shoe Retailers Association offered a conference for guests on how build a winning digital strategy.

Hosted by digital marketing strategist Shane Fell, the seminar offered seemingly simple tactics that could help attendees reach and engage their customers with great content, while also generating more opportunities.

Fell said the key to a website’s success includes reaching current customers and converting visitors into customers by following usability principles such as knowing your audience, answering core questions and analyzing data.

Most websites are too confusing, Fell said, because the user experience is faulty. And how to fix that, Fell added, is by creating a site that is easy to use, helpful, attractive, mobile-friendly, and fast and secure.

Another significant factor to having a successful website is its Google reach. Being mobile-friendly can affect Google search, while also simply claiming and updating your Google listing. Fell also explained that maximizing keywords and links on your site adds credibility during a Google search.

On social media, these strategies are basic but critical: Know your audience, listen, help and engage. Fell said it’s more important to engage with your audience, even if it’s negative, rather than ignore it. “Focus on a social network your customers use the most,” he added, while noting it’s vital to focus and excel at one platform rather than carelessly have six platforms that aren’t being used to their full potential.

Stay tuned for more updates during FN Platform.

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