How Footwear Retailers Can Better Manage In-Store Inventory

As footwear businesses work to create compelling in-store experiences to lure shoppers, tech companies have tasked themselves with finding ways to help.

Enter Oracle Retail’s latest inventory cloud service, which aims to help brands and retailers “more easily track, access and manage inventory” while in-store. The goal, according to a spokesman, is enhanced customer satisfaction.

“Having the right item in the desired size and color is often the difference between a sale and a disappointed customer, but with merchandise spread between dozens or even hundreds of stores and online inventory in warehouses, this can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack,” said Jeff Warren, VP of Oracle Retail. “As footwear businesses’ and other retailers’ inventories grow more complex, finding that elusive item can be time-consuming for store associates and frustrating for customers.”

The company’s offering features what the spokesman called a “store up” approach, described as “[providing] the ability to have visibility into inventory at a detailed level within the store, combined with a view of warehouse inventory, [which] enables stores to influence inventory sell-through by requesting it directly from the warehouse.”

According to Warren, footwear brands and retailers would be wise to take note.

“Streamlining inventory management with a ‘store up’ approach makes it faster and simpler to find the right sneaker or stiletto and also helps retailers sell through offsite inventory,” he said.

Oracle Retail’s customers have included Paquetá – the Shoe Company and Red Wing Shoe Co.

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