Sporting Goods Retailer Grupo Martí Boosts Business with New Inventory Controls

One of the most talked about elements of retail is the customer experience. And when it comes to sports-related footwear, this rings especially true.

Luckily, main players in the footwear industry are listening. Mexico’s sporting goods provider Grupo Martí — which operates 200-plus stores that span seven brands — has tapped Oracle Retail technology to get products in store faster, according to a spokesperson for Oracle.

The result is an enhanced customer experience. Gaining a single view of inventory and operations with Oracle Retail at its core, Grupo Martí has an array of new capabilities, said the spokesperson.

Specifically, the Oracle spokesperson noted that the sports provider can now enhance inventory control to facilitate better merchandise decision-making as well as ensure the right products are delivered to stores in a timely fashion.

As a result of the implementation, the spokesperson noted that Grupo Martí’s business has benefited.

“Martí immediately noticed positive results, due to more efficient processes, control and visibility. Budget optimization, order tracking and vendor communications have all improved,” said Manuel Martin, Grupo Martí’s CEO. “From Day 1, we experienced an accelerated purchasing process to get the right product into our stores in weeks instead of months.”

Ray Carlin, SVP and GM at Oracle Retail, also echoed the sentiment.

“Offering the right product at the right moment in the right time is key for driving loyalty. Inventory control is crucial to offer consistent customer shopping experience and engagement,” he said. “We are seeing sports retailers worldwide looking for improving their operations and we are proud to work with Grupo Martí in Mexico in this transformational journey.”

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