Is There Really a Tom From Toms Shoes?

Who Is the Founder of Toms?

Since its inception, Santa Monica-based footwear company Toms Shoes has taken massive strides to give back to those in need. The first mission began after its founder, Blake Mycoskie, traveled to Argentina in 2006 on vacation. There, he noticed the children were often shoeless, which made them vulnerable to foot diseases.

Is There Really a Tom?

If you’re wondering who Tom is, no need: He doesn’t exist. The company was originally named Tomorrow’s Shoes and later abbreviated to Toms.

Toms Mission & ‘One for One’ Project

Toms was able to make a noticeable change to the footwear market when its “One for One” business model was developed. The initiative aimed to provide shoes to needy populations through the purchase of a pair. In the 12 years that have followed, the brand has provided over 60 million pairs to shoeless children.

Toms Pink Icing Women's Classic Canvas
Toms Pink Icing Women’s Classic Canvas, $48.

Toms Social Responsibility Expands

And with more passport stamps for Mycoskie, the Texas-native discovered even more ways to give back were being unveiled to him.

In 2011 the brand expanded to eyewear. Toms Eyewear has been a force in helping to restore eyesight for over 400,000 people. Next up, was providing clean water to over 335,000 with the help of the Toms Roasting Company in 2014. And the label didn’t stop there. The Toms Bag Collection has been the latest development to help assist women with safe birth deliveries. So far, there have been more than 25,000 mothers benefiting from the program.

What’s Next for Toms

Most recently, Toms has teamed up with Disney on four capsule collections. Following the inaugural Cinderella, the latest reveal is the Sleeping Beauty line, which upgrades the classic designed shoes with exclusive sketches from Disney’s female-based Ink and Paint department. Debuting on Aug. 23 will be a line focusing on Snow White, and finally, there will be a holiday collection revealed in fall.

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