3 Tips to Success at Work, According to Keds CMO Emily Culp

Keds chief marketing officer Emily Culp’s impressive professional ascent has taken her to a variety of companies, from Unilever to Clinique to Rebecca Minkoff and now Keds. In each role, Culp has learned many different things and had unique insights to offer FN viewers in our recent conversation with her at the Keds offices outside of Boston.

In the above video, Culp states her three tips to success, succinctly. For one, she said, take a vacation! Culp admits she never bothered to take any early in her career. “I thought that’s what was necessary, and I loved what I did. And I actually have come to understand the reason you take vacations is to clear your head, and you actually come back fresher, not only to your job but also to your team,” she said.

And then, Culp noted, it’s not all about the job, but the people you work for. “Pick your jobs, not only based on your job, but also who you’re working for. Because the job function itself may be Okay or not as appealing, but if you’re working for an amazing person, you’re going to learn so much more,” she said.

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