How to Effect Change as a Leader, According to Keds Chief Marketing Officer Emily Culp

Part of FN’s new “In Her Shoes” video series chronicling the lives and best advice from leaders in the shoe industry, this video clip follows Keds Chief Marketing Officer Emily Culp through a day at the brand’s offices in Waltham, Mass. In the video, Culp states how she started out her career and what she’s done along the way to grow. “I got into leadership very early in my career, just because of what I was doing,” she says.

Culp explains she worked through the challenges, and she says she learned as she went. “I did the best I could. I also asked for help,” she notes. Specifically, she talked to people she met in the industry about how they had become leaders and overcome challenges. Yet, she says, she also tried to stay true to her character. It’s not easy being a change agent at a company, she says, but what can make that easier is creating a crystal clear vision of the end goal.

She states that making sure that your team understands both the long-term and short-term goal is critical. “I love nothing more than working with amazing people. It’s all about having the fortitude. You will have setbacks, and it’s how you pivot with those setbacks and how you rally and change course, but still stay true to your vision.”

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