Amazon Is Now Taking Pictures of Your Front Porch

Amazon is utilizing photography in a new way with its latest delivery service upgrade.

Over the past few months, Amazon has been rolling out a program, called Amazon Logistics On Delivery, in which some delivery providers use photos to ensure customers’ packages are delivered, according to USA Today.

The service has a couple of advantages, ensuring that a package was indeed delivered to the correct location and helping customers locate parcels that may have been tucked away to deter potential thieves. In that way, Amazon Logistics On Delivery aims to decrease misplaced deliveries and, in turn, limit the number of customers who request duplicate ones.

For customers with privacy concerns, an opt-out option is available: Through the “Your Orders” section, you can click “Don’t take delivery photos” to opt out.

While Amazon had been rolling out the Logistics program  — a part of its efforts to expand its delivery services — for several months, the photography component was only recently made available to all Logistics drivers.

The Logistics program itself is still available in certain markets only (including Oregon, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Seattle, San Francisco and the Northern Virginia metro areas) and thus comprises just a small portion of U.S. deliveries.

Over the past year, Amazon has announced several initiatives to increase its delivery capabilities. Through Amazon Key, the e-tail giant provides customers with the option to have packages dropped off in their homes when they are not there, allowing workers entering the homes through a smartphone app.

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