Top Solutions Provider Tüv Süd Taps New CEO to Lead Product Services Arm

Concerns such as sustainability and counterfeiting protection continue to be key concerns for the footwear industry. Just look to the eco-friendly craze that Allbirds has spurred or Salvatore Ferragamo’s RFID shoe tags that confirm authenticity. Fittingly, companies that provide sustainability, quality and safety solutions are in high demand.

Enter Tüv Süd, a firm that aims to help retailers and manufacturers “build a safe, efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chain.” As the company’s services are increasingly in demand, it has tapped Holger Lindner to be CEO of its product service division. Lindner was previously CFO of that division and is stationed in Singapore.

“By providing our testing and certification services, we [will continue to work to] support manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers in their quest to produce innovative, safe, compliant, high-performing and marketable products that meet the needs and regulations of their target markets,” said Lindner.

According to a spokesman for Tüv Süd, the division “focuses on providing testing and certification services aimed at ensuring quality, reliability and marketability of products in the consumer goods [sector, among others].” Its coverage areas range from textile to electronic products.

The firm’s product team possesses “specialist knowledge of national and international laws, directives and standards,” added the spokesman, and its product service division “provides services addressing functional safety, interoperability, embedded security and global market access.”

Tüv Süd has previously offered services to footwear industry giants like the Deichmann Group and Geox.

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